A Wider Intelligence: Cynthia and Mike Flowers

I’d like to introduce you to Cynthia and Mike Flowers.

I was introduced to Cynthia and Mike, by Triangle herbalist, Suki Roth. I drove out to Chapel Hill to meet them at the site where they host their workshops. I found a beautiful natural setting in the woods, with lots of flowers, a spacious outdoor patio, and a very spacious green lawn in the back. And I found in them, two very real, very deep people.

Cynthia and Mike bring an integration of body and mind and soul therapies with thirty years of professional and personal experience. They live in the Triangle region of North Carolina and are available to work one on one with individuals and couples. They also offer insightful workshops for transformation. What a resource for our community.

A visit to Cynthia and Mike Flowers’ website, A Wider Intelligence.com, shows you a lot about them. The quality of the writing they present, as well as their choice of image for the site – an exquisitely beautiful ocean scene, communicates clearly the depth of their sensibilities, compassion and intelligence.

Below you will find a summary of their experience, drawn from the pages of their Website.

About Cynthia Flowers

Cynthia has been a psychotherapist for thirty years and also had continued studies in bodywork and movement including yoga, Tai Chi, Authentic Movement, Continuum and Feldenkrais. She was licensed as a massage therapist in 1983. In recent years, Cynthia completed a three year program in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, a therapy that attunes to the intelligence residing in our watery inner world. Cynthia writes of experiencing the power, wisdom and “inherent and indestructible health” that resides within each of us.

Cynthia practices Integral Therapies which addresses spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of our beings. She writes,

“The work I do with myself and my clients is the same. It is to keep moving from this narrower, disconnected and constricted mental world to the vastness and sacredness of who we truly are. Our entry is to go very deeply and consciously into the felt sense of the body. In entering deeply this vast, non-mental world, we encounter our authenticity and our interconnectedness with each other, and the world itself.”

About Mike Flowers

Mike has degrees in clinical psychology and comparative (east/west) philosophy, and was a psychotherapist for over twenty-five years. Over time he felt that these psychotherapeutic disciplines, for all their virtues, were limited as vehicles of real transformation for two main reasons.

First these therapies emphasize the telling of our personal experience, to the relative neglect of a wider intelligence and center of being. The focus is on the individual’s story. Instead, when the focus is shifted away from the self, or the ego, the world becomes increasingly alive and we are actually able experience the guidance of the vast intelligence within and around us.

Second, because psychotherapy is talk therapy it doesn’t focus on the body, and the profound disembodiment that most in the modern world experience. The result is that we we miss the immediate expression of, and direct access to, this wider intelligence.

Visionary Guidance

Mike retired from psychotherapy in 1999 and describes his work as visionary guidance. He writes:

“By visionary I refer to all those ways of experiencing and knowing that attune us to this wider intelligence. By way of vision, we are once again able to directly feel, hear and see the movement of this intelligence in our own lives and the lives of others, even in discomfort, affliction and illness. The guidance of this intelligence is close-at-hand. But it is not primarily mental. In order to recognize and engage with it, we need to soften our habitual and conventional ways of knowing.”

At present they have three workshops scheduled:

Two Craniosacral workshops with Cynthia, one in September, and one in October.
One jointly taught workshop with Cynthia and Mike: Pathways to Freedom in October.

Visit their website at A Wider Intelligence.com, and feel free to write a comment on the site, or to call them at: 919-933-2545.

The gate to nowhere. The gate to everywhere. The gate to here.


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One response to “A Wider Intelligence: Cynthia and Mike Flowers

  1. Mike and Cynthia have been a blessing to my family. They have such a wonderful and caring energy. We love working with them, and have benefited greatly from their guidance!

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