Marvin “Coach” Powell: Integrity, Passion, Commitment

Coach Marvin Powell

Coach Marvin Powell

Marvin “Coach” Powell answered a query I put out on HARO: Help a Reporter Out. Someone in his LinkedIn network read it and sent the query his way. (Networking helps you stay informed.)

What was my query?

I’m collaborating with Martin Brossman, “LinkedIn Networker Extraordinaire” on a networking book and am gathering “best” and “worst” networking stories.

Marvin was one of over a dozen people who responded. (Asking questions is a great way to invite participation and find people who are very active like you are.)

What story did he share? We won’t give the stories out yet, but here’s one of the principles he shared: “communicate character, not just competency.” I found that very valuable and succinct, reminding me that networking is about the whole of who I am meeting the whole of who you are.

That’s a picture of Marvin Powell with the love of his life, his wife.Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Powell

Before I knew it, Coach Powell had sent out an email to his network with the header: “Anora McGaha – Coach Powell Community Networker of the Week.” Nothing like turning around and finding yourself in the spotlight. What’s more, several people contacted me to get linked up on LinkedIn, and one in particular is now a coaching client on blogging and authoring her book. (Doing a generous act for someone almost instantly puts you in a positive light.)

How could I not be curious about who this man was? So I emailed and asked to interview Coach Powell. What did I learn on the phone? Way more than I can write here, but I will try to convey the gist of it in two parts. The first, below in Coach Marvin’s words.

“I’m a US Navy brat. My dad was a career man so we moved every 2-3 years. Before he retired we lived in DC., Maryland , Virginia , Hawaii and California . I was blessed to see almost every State in the US from the back seat of a Pontiac Lemans as we drove through both the Northern and Southern track of the entire country. Making new friends quickly became my greatest skill!

I’ve had tremendous influences in my life starting with my grandfather Deacon Spious Paul Powell who forever remains a symbol of character and courage. He and I spent countless hours together during my youth and I still reflect on the living example that he provided me. From him I learned what commitment, dedication, and courage looked like. He didn’t just talk about living right, he did it everyday.

I’ve also lived in almost every geographic setting that America has to offer. Sometimes I was the suburban kid from Hawaii making friends with the rural kids of Southern Virginia . Other times I played the country cousin trying to forge his way within the inner city youth of DC. I learned that you get love by giving it and that you gain respect by earning it.

Of course my professors in America ’s great public schools, and in college as well, finished me off quite nicely. They always seemed to single me out and give me opportunities to excel. For that I’ll be forever grateful. To this day, I try to spend as much time as I can mentoring and encouraging others to find their potential and grow it.”

Coach Powell had more to say, some of it very surprising. Powell was a financial advisor for many years. And only a year ago, his wife opened his eyes to the fact that he was doing the work of “coaching” without calling it that. So she challenged him to be who he was as a coach and step up to the plate. Obviously he was a natural, because it worked. Coach Powell is very active, educating people about networking and growing their businesses. He calls himself a Small Business coach, specifically interested helping the backbone of America get stronger.

Part II Coming next week.


Coach Powell’s 90 Day Power Play


17 responses to “Marvin “Coach” Powell: Integrity, Passion, Commitment

  1. I can’t wait for Part II of this story. Marvin is a truly dynamic personality. In addition, he is one of those rare people that makes you feel that you can trust him immediately. Maybe it’s that big smile! Keep up the good work, Marvin. The world needs more guys like you!

    Barbara Bradley
    The Bradley Group
    Keller Williams Realty

  2. I haven’t known Marvin that long but in a short time he has had a tremendous positive impact on my life. His coaching style is substantive, efficient, and practical. He has truly helped me bring more clarity to my market message and set me on a path for more greatness helping others. I am forever grateful for his kindness and leadership.

    CRM & Risk Management Consulting Services
    Taylor-Leonard Corporation

  3. We were referred to Mr. Powell a few short months ago. I shared our story of opening the pharmacy in the Centreville Community and Mr. Powell provided immediate steps to help build exposure for our new business. The recommendations were not only appreciative, his personal visit to our storefront will not be forgotten and we look forward to cultivating a valuable relationship with Mr. Powell and his family.

    Ernest Dixon, RPh
    Sheila K. Dixon
    Owners Centreville Medical Arts Pharmacy

  4. Coach Powell is MY coach! I am blessed to have found this brilliant, charismatic giving man whose guidance has already positively impacted my personal life and accelerated my business in ways that I never knew were possible! He has challenged me and made me push to the limits. I’m looking forward to many more productive hours of coaching with this dynamic diamond in the rough.

  5. Coach Powell aka my cousin Marvin. I always knew that you had it but now that the secret is out, it’s your time. You are truly awesome and I commend you on the great work you are doing professionally and personally. The love and joy that you share with your family has obviously spilled over into your career and made you the networking giant that you are. It always helps to have a loving and supportive wife by your side. I wish you continued success and blessing for the future.
    Cousin Pam

  6. I’ve met Marvin through and I have found that he is a professional with a giving spirit. A man of excellence. I am glad to be connected to him. And I love the beautiful picture and quote about his wife. God Bless!

    Kenya Hudson
    LKG Designs Inc

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