Marvin “Coach” Powell, More

Now for more on Coach Powell.

I had noticed some of the elements on Coach Powell’s email signature which is where we started our interview. The signature follows for you to see.

Marvin “Coach Powell

CEO, Coach Powell Training and Development
Chairman Centreville Community Foundation
Fairfax County Small Business Commissioner
Investment Consultant

703-201-4267 Phone

Coach Powell Training and Development is the creator of VisionQuest90™ the most dynamic personal, business, and executive coaching system today.  Through the use of our advanced technologies and systems we help growth oriented business owners, consultants, and nonprofit leaders achieve excellence in their chosen endeavors.  Join our 90 day program and experience the revolution!

What caught my attention? First, the four roles he listed: his own coaching business; his chairmanship of a community foundation; his being the Fairfax Small Business Commissioner; and his investment consulting role.

Then there was the 90 Day Power Play link, and below that a whole paragraph about VisionQuest90. Both of this topics deserve an hour in and of themselves. I’ll leave that for you to explore.

Our discussion began with the topic of integrity and living with the highest pinciples, being totally aligned with who we want to be.  About finding what is most meaningful in our lives and aligning our mission, vision and values. Coach Powell was well-studied in Steven Covey’s teachings and quoted from Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Life.

As I asked incredulously about all his roles he said small business was his passion, AND, that he believes in citizenship. “As a country, we’ve lost the idea of citizenship, that we are part of a greater whole and have a responsibility to give back.” “It’s just not good enough,” he continued,”to get a job, a car, a house, we have to do more. How do you not do that when we have children we have to model for?”

Marvin also talked about a community networking event that he’d been facilitating for two years: a two hour gathering at the local Panera Bread called “Coffee, Tea, You and Me.” Twenty to thirty people come and discussion is driven from their questions.

Now this is interesting. There is no charge for the networking event, but people are invited to donate money for a Panera Gift Card which is then given to local charities. It supports Panera and supports local charities.

Marvin is finishing up a book: A Playbook for Business and Personal Success. Always interested in people writing books, I asked more about it. Turns out Marvin is writing the book to give away for free as an eBook; his generosity continues.

Some people you meet in life are outstanding, they really stand out. They have a passion and excitement about life. They’ve thought about a lot and made sense of things. They have ideas about how to do things. It’s like they are supercharged. All of these outstanding people are interesting and engaging, but not all of them are generous to individuals and community. Marvin “Coach” Powell is one of the outstanding people who is also generous.

Check out this video and see Coach Powell in action.

The 90 Day Power Play lists his Coffee, Tea You and Me event, and includes a number of posts by Coach Powell.


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