Nancy Stolfo Corti, author, entrepreneur, catalyst, great heart

Nancy Stolfo Corti holding the first copy of her memoir, The Other Side of Tuscany

There are times in one’s life, in my life, when the giant circles of inspiration, hope and magic, circle in, close enough, to connect two people who otherwise could never be connected. So it was for me, when I met Nancy Stolfo Corti.

A small business networking event led to a one-on-one at Panera’s, which led to an introduction to networking, social media and small business success guru Martin Brossman, which led to inSide919, and access to marketing and advertising entrepreneur Diogenes Ruiz, which launched my social media marketing work and a chance meeting with Nancy Stolfo Corti.

A chance meeting with who?

Nancy’s name was not capturable in one visit, even with a business card.

This vibrant woman brainstormed about the guerrilla marketing campaign I had volunteered with in a chance to work with the Ruiz’ genius.

I listened incredulously, as she talked about the fashion design networks, film networks and other networks she was involved with, locally, and nationally, an internationally. Could someone really be so connected?

In time I would discover that she really was very connected. In so many more ways than just socially.

Nancy would take up my offer to coach her on completing a very powerful memoir, with great beauty and inspiration and very difficult times as well. She stepped up to the plate and showed up week after week to do the work, and get her story out.

I would learn how she was an executive vice president for a startup with proprietary technology; that she was a trained chef and somalier; that she’d been a fully trained fashion designer in Europe; that she had three beautiful children; that she gave every activity she became involved with a vitality that could practically bring the dead back to life. She stepped up time and again to help others; volunteering with the Special Olympics; mentoring young fashion designers and other young college students; and helping out where-ever she could, many a time leaving herself in a challenged situation because she’d been so generous.

Over the year in which she completed her book and began the unending work of selling it, while the economy put a hold on the promising startup she helped develop, she picked up work in dozens of areas as opportunities arose. Every where she goes she brings new ideas and inspiration, helping others beyond what any ordinary person would do. Nancy is currently working with Visiting Angels, bringing her imaginative marketing style to talks and marketing events, and her compassion to the individuals who need care and the families who care for them.

Where she gets her energy I do not know. How she sustains the spirit of humor and hope, inspiraton and imagination is a mystery to me. All I can guess is that she is a vortex of energy in the universe! Here’s to an amazing woman! Here’s to Nancy Stolfo Corti!


Read more about moving from an unfinished memoir, to a completed manuscript and publishing.


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