Cary Resident and inSide919er Phyllis Smith, Appointed Assistant Dean of the Jade Academy

Phyllis Smith

Phyllis Smith is a wife, a mother, and a career Licensed Cosmetologist. Orginally from West Virginia, she also spent a number of years in Illinois where she worked with the Miss Illinois Beauty Pagent for five years.

A resident of Cary North Carolina, Phyllis calls Cary and North Carolina home.

This appointment to be Assistant Dean at the Jade Academy means a lot to Phyllis. She has taken many classes through the Academy, and studied directly with its founder, Dr. Charles McWilliams, who now is a mentor to her.

Phyllis has personal experience with a challenging facial condition that affected her appearance and with finding treatments, through the Jade Academy, to help reverse what was happening. In her own words:

“I was diagnosed with a parroted tumor that was very extensive, implanted on in the right side of my face and neck. I was very lucky that the surgeon I had was one the best around! The amount of damage from surgery was minor relative to what we were expecting. However, I still lost feeling in my right ear and some hearing. There was also numbness on the side of my face and a feeling of slight tingling, though I didn’t have drooping or paralysis of the mouth or eye.”

Things got worse:

“Then, about 5 years after surgery, things got worse. I began to notice that the muscles from my eye to the top part of my neck were losing tone and tightness, and the  color and brightness of my skin was going. Most of the chin area had become flabby and loose. It was depressing!”

The Jade Academy Technology Helped Me

“I was fortunate and found the technology that allowed me to have a non-surgical facelift. I am happy to say that I now have a neck, jaw, chin, cheek and opened eyes, without pain or a massive amount of down-time. This technology took about 10 years off my appearance.

This is why I love to do face work and enjoy seeing others transform into a happier and more confident person.  I am incredibly blessed to be able to help change and improve a person’s appearance…and restore their self-esteem!  When I see the glimmer of hope, back in a client’s eye. it brings me such joy!”  I understand, I have experienced it in my own life!”

This appointment will mean that Phyllis will get to travel and give trainings on behalf of the Academy around the United States, and really help share the technology and techniques that have given her back her youthful appearance.

To see Phyllis talk about her work, visit this video. And if you’re really inspired, check out her website at  Congratulations on your appointment!


Phone: (919) 418-4865

The Jade Academy:

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