Oh the People I Have Met

In Raleigh, North Carolina, the city is small enough, though it has talent gathered from all over the world, many accessible through the internet and in-person communities, like Meetup, ComeOnInside.com and Toastmasters.

So it is I have met exceptional people like David Baldwin (profiled here), Diogenes Ruiz, Sandra Carrington-Smith (to-be profiled), Pat Howlett, Martin Brossman, Karen Tiede and many dozens more.

I have met leaders in the writing community like Stacey CochranMegan Cutter and Barton Cutter, Maureen  Sherbondy, Tara Lynne GrothAlice OsbornRichard KrawiecKevin Morgan WatsonAnthony PolicastroHenry HuttonJon Batson.

And there are so many more.  Beverly Mahone is also a media trainer. Alison Hill is a novelist and a producer, as well as a media expert. Drew Becker  is a poet and marketing professional. Bob Crowley leads the Apex Writer’s Guild.

The Triangle is filled with people with talents in more than just their profession. I’m so glad I moved down to North Carolina and have had the chance to attend events and talks and meetings with the people listed here.

Who have you met in the Triangle who has really inspired you?


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