Pat Howlett, Small Business Advocate and Community Builder

Community builder and small business advocate, Pat Howlett in Cary, North Carolina

Leaders do make a difference in their communities, and Pat Howlett has made a difference for thousands in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.                               In this photo, from left to right, Pat Howlett, Christine Alexander, Greg Hyer, Steve Hand and Martin Brossman.

Living in central North Carolina is exciting. It’s an entrepreneurial and creative region, with great human values and a strong connection to history and the land. Though many of the people here have come from afar, there’s a tremendous respect and appreciation for North Carolina and good life-supporting, human-respecting values.

Pat Howlett is a dynamo with the best of values. Never out to promote himself, he is all about providing value for others, believing that everything grows and builds out of that.

Pat moved to Cary, North Carolina from Colorado, where he lived and worked with his family in a small mountain town for years. He’s got twenty years of experience with the Internet, and is an entrepreneur in other areas as well as the Internet.

In Cary, Pat began developing a national network of inSide AreaCode online and in person communities, of which is the first and the flagship. Three years ago, in April 2008, inSide919 was started. And today, inSide919 has over 3600 business people with profiles, photos, links their their business sites, and thousands and thousands of conversations, blog posts, forum discussions and comments.

It’s very exciting that has taken off, has four large events every month, one a week, and close to thirty sponsors, but perhaps most important of all, inSide919 has a set of values for the 21st century.

Pat Howlett draws his values from the 19th century, from Benjamin Franklin, but they are surprisingly relevant to the 21st century. Holding himself accountable to a set of 13 principles that Benjamin Franklin wrote about, Pat applies those principles of respect and accountability in the local communities he is establishing.

Pat is teaching us how to network online, the way we should know how to network in person, but really, most of us don’t know how to do it, especially those who used to have steady a staid corporate jobs, and now are trying to start their own businesses in the worst economy since the depression of the early 20th century.

Values like:

  • Get to know a person, don’t sell to them.
  • Find out how you can help someone else, don’t ask how they can help you.
  • Lead with value, the business will follow.

Pat has developed a set values that he applies in these online networks, that integrate online familiarity with in person collaboration; values that will help us strengthen our lives and communities, socially and economically through the 21st century.

If you haven’t yet met Pat Howlett, look him up on or LinkedIn and reach out to him. ComeOnInside and join the areacode network in your areacode, and step up to the plate, to help strengthen America from the inside out! This only works when we work it. So let’s join in and move America forward!


11 responses to “Pat Howlett, Small Business Advocate and Community Builder

  1. Pat truly believes in community. Being around him you can’t help but believe in community too. Pat is always interested in helping small business owners. He can take any negative and turn it into a positive. Pat never gives up on anyone even when we flounder. I am fortunate to call him friend and have the privilege of his counsel.

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