Artist Karen Tiede

Colors of India, Hand-woven rug by Fiber Artist Karen Tiede

Fiber artist Karen Tiede is a talent to be reckoned with. If you don’t know about her, you’re going to want to look her up.

Everything about Karen is made in the USA, except that she is the daughter of a US marine and lived in a number of exciting places around the world before college, Duke University, in the US – Germany, England, South Africa, and the Soviet Union.

She’s passionate about recycling.
US Fiber Artist Karen Tiede

Like a number of amazonian women, and by definition, renaissance women in the 21st century, Karen Tiede is so multi-faceted it will make your head turn. Perhaps that is how she can craft such exquisite color medlies in her knitted rugs.

As a rug weaver, Karen Tiede is shifting from knit rugs (see Colors of India) with recycled fibers, to woven rugs with recycled fibers.

Karen is also a hula hoop maker and performer.

Karen Tiede Amazon Vine Voice ReviewerA prolific writer, Karen Tiede is a prolific reader and book reviewer as shown by her acceptance into the invitation only Vine Voice program on as a book reviewer, an elite group of reviewers on Amazon who get offered books to review. She has 178 book reviews to her credit and is in the top 5000 book reviewers on, a site which has many millions of reviewers.

The author of Carve Smart about a book about carving tree trunks, which Karen managed to get delivered to her artist studio in Moncure, North Carolina, Karen Tiede’s as comfortable with an electric buzz saw as she is with knitting needles and a loom. (We’ll save the hoops for later.)

Visit Karen Tiede’s website:



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