Raleigh Artist, Jenn Hales

Inside Jenn Hales’ studio store at Citymarket.

Raleigh artist, Jenn Hales is an environmentally conscious artist who does both commercial art (graphic design) as well as fine art. Wonderfully appealing paintings with imagination and beautiful colors and expression.

She runs Patina by Jenn Hales, a fine art and design studio located in downtown Raleigh in Citymarket, in a space with the Gaille Collection.

Today, we just missed the book launch of a new children’s book for which Jenn Hales was the artist: White Flour, by singer songwriter and peace activist, David LaMotte on Friday June 8.

Jenn Hales’ painted illustrations for David LaMotte’s 2nd children’s book, White Flour hang on the wall above the newly released book White Flour. The art space is next to Art Space, in Citymarket, downtown Raleigh.

White Flour rhymes, and tells “the funny and inspiring story of the day that the Ku Klux Klan met the Coup Clutz Clowns, who offered a whimsical and wise retort to their racist rally. The poem that provides the text for the book was inspired by true events in Knoxville, TN in 2007.” (Quote from David LaMotte’s site.)

The original art for the book is available for sale in sets of two. The paintings on birch wood display a beautiful effect with the grain of the wood under the blue sky pictured here. The book, White Flour, is on the table.

Feathers and Thorns on the window sill.

Jenn Hales has an over the shoulder tattoo with birds near her collarbone and a full collection of feathers trailing down her right shoulder blade. Here, in her store and studio at Citymarket.

Patina by Jenn Hales has original paintings, giclees in various sizes, posters, cards and post cards, as well as a wonderful assortment of visually interesting objects from a very large light bulb, to a feather collection next to some particularly dramatic thorns. She had decorated the walls with thin strips of wood that twisted like a ribbon garland.

What a delightful discovery. Beautiful paintings, getting to meet the artist – thanks to Sherri of the Gaille Collection who took us outside to meet Jenn where she was supervising an outdoor art project.

For more information visit Jenn Hales’ website at http://www.jennhales.com, email her at PatinabyJennHales@gmail.com or call 919-656-8713.


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