Creative Expression: Kyrie Wright

June 1, 2014.

First Sunday in Pittsboro.

The kind of day dreams are made of. Couldn’t be prettier, fresher, more fun.

Vendors line the sidewalks of the block north of Courthouse Circle on Hillsboro Street.

On any one day no telling who will be there, and for $20, if what you have is made by you, anyone could be there.

We say anyone could be here, we refer to them as “vendors” but these are people with names, maybe neighbors, maybe local people in Chatham County, maybe some from Wake County. People named Deborah Drinkwater, Holly Nothnagel, Oke, Jessee Andresen, Barbara Dupre, Petra Webb, Mary, Shay Garriock, Bart Urbanski, Elena, Audrey Joy…

Today at a Killette Kraft’s table, it is  filled with many hand made items, jewelry, and home made dish rags, scrubbers, pot holders, even adorable hand made cloth dolls that are plastic bag ladies. There was also this fresh and unusual painting with thin strips of paper pasted on like a ladder, each strip with a note on it, a personal note, a note about a person, the artist.

Tell me about this, I asked.

That’s my daughter’s, she pointed to a young woman resting in the shade, this late Sunday afternoon.

The young lady looked up surprised. Her mom asked her if she would like to talk about her work. I had questions. What is it? How did it come about? What does it mean to you? Could I take a picture of it?

Kyrie began to talk about it. At the end of a relationship all her sweetheart gave her a bottle filled with all these slips of paper – appreciations about her. When the relationship ended she thought to set them free by pasting them on a painting.

It’s a happy piece, she says.

The colors look happy I think, as I read some of the appreciations. They are so appreciative of her.

The strips in the center are ones she’s comfortable with. The ones to the left or right are ones that she still doesn’t see about herself, things that others say about her.

So much thought has gone into this. I get the sense that I could site down with the artist and ask questions for an hour easily, learning about what each aspect means and how she developed this idea.

Painting Collage by Kyrie Wright.jpg 800x

FOG Delamped OF “Kdawgs” Feeticks Passed

On the side of the painting, the right side, sits one appreciation. This is one that is real, she said.

“I love how you don’t take shit from people.”

Side by Kyrie Wright


Then there’s the name. Did you see the name of the painting? You’ve got to believe there’s a story there.

Kyrie seemed to hem a little as I asked about the title. I recognized that feeling in myself, when I’ve dared to do something fun or out there, and someone asks about it, I get shy and wonder if I should have gone that far out.

But I affirmed – it tells me that you are deciding what you want to say and call things. You’re in charge. Or something like that. I felt I got it. I liked the spunk. (Now, I think it tells me that you’re going to do what you want to do because in art, you can. But I didn’t think that far then.)

Some of the appreciations in the painting include:

I love your forgiving nature

I love your gentle touch

I love that you stand up for what you believe in

I love your patience with me

I love your energy and excitement

I love your confidence

I love how beautiful your eyes are

Which ones catch your attention? Isn’t this interesting? A young woman’s creative expression.

Here’s honoring you Kyrie Wright!



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